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Parental Consequences

I have seen reports about the gorilla that was killed by zoo authorities at Cincinnati Zoo.  A child had gone into the exhibit.  I did not check out the exhibit, I do not know if it was deemed safe, or should have been beefed up or anything.  I watched the report on the news last night. The zoo keepers stated that a child’s life was in danger. They felt they chose the appropriate action.

I do not know the whole story behind the “bad mom,” I was not there.  I do know that children can be challenging and disobedient. My own ran off at 5, because he wanted the pumpkin that wasn’t there, and I was at odds to chase after him. I had two other younger children and a 5 year old who was out of control (it all worked out okay, but it was a scary moment for me).  Another child of mine got chased by the local dog when, at age 5, he made a face at the barking dog, a dog that barked every day he was coming home from the school bus.  I faced an irate dog owner for my child’s actions.  (My husband came home and said, “Now wait a minute, where is her responsibility?  She knows what time the school bus arrives, yet every day the children are barked at because the dog is outside, just waiting.  And there is nothing but an electronic fence...”  I had to agree with him.  She was blaming a 5 year old and where is her responsibility?)  Where does responsibility begin for the child, absolving the parent?

Legally, in the United States, a child is a child and not responsible for some things until 17, other responsibilities at 18, a full fledged “adult” at 21.  Otherwise, the parent is responsible for their child’s actions.

It’s hard to be a good parent. You get raked over the coals for discipline by everyone, most feel that they aren’t allowed to spank anymore, you do the best you can, for most of us.  We do what we can to be responsible parents.  I can but say, “but for the grace of God, there go I.”  Mine turned out to be responsible citizens.  (Whew…)

It is what it is. A human is safe, an animal exhibit gone. Personally, I think that we need preserves for animals, not zoos. That is my own thought.

I am here not to give answers, only (hopefully) provoking thoughts.


Much Ado About …

Random thoughts occur each day.  Every day I speak to my mind, “this is good book material,” and the rest of the day goes by, uneventfully, when it comes to the written word.

I said today, to The Farmer, “I think I’ll write a story and add to the Indian Joe legend.”   The Farmer, who listened to my rather profound thought, stated, “well, I do that!”  

So, I erase Indian Joe, and tell you the stories of The Farmer, who says many wise things.

The inspirational story of today comes during 90 degree heat (accompanied by humidity).

The Farmer, coming in from the field, rinses his arms with water to wash away the chaff and grass from his suntanned arms.  Mindfully, he soaks his wrists beneath the cool running faucet water, cooling his body temperature, because this is where the blood is closest to the skins surface.”

(Please note, Indian Joe would use the stream.)  

But The Farmer is here today, while Indian Joe is off in the woods, so The Farmer gets all the credit! 🐃🐄🐖🐓 

Life on the Pond


Fascinated with this group of wild life amphibians, and their little kingdom of Pond!  It took me three days to be able to sneak upon them and catch them in action.


Film at 11.  Haha.  Just kidding.  This is my first time catching the little fellow.  There were actually three, they were swooping and a lot of activity last night.  I have to figure out how to keep all three happy now.  Not an easy task for this novice ornithologist.  I learned how they chatter, or sing, or whatever you’d call it.

Hummingbird Don’t Fly Away

I’ve set up my petunias, my columbine.  I’ve seen three hummingbirds in the short amount of time I dwell out of doors. Still have yet to capture them photographically.  Patience and Time.