It's All About the Journey

Today is your future. Live in the moment!

The Very Thought of You

Early each morning, about 4:50 a.m., actually, the birds start their morning song.  For me, this is a song of faith for today.  We have enough strength to deal with today and today only, that is why (in my mind) the bird sings each morning, to remind me that a new day is at hand.  I get to take advantage of this day, the only day that I have left.  I defend my territory, claim it as mine, I do my best to attract others by being only who I am, not what someone else wants.  It’s called self love.

I’ve done a lot of reading and thinking about self love.  This needs to be promoted.  Releasing the burdens of our life on a daily basis, until the recording stops inside, and we have forgiven ourselves for experiences that perhaps were not the wisest, but with our primitive tools was all we had to use at that time.  Like magic, a new tool has appeared.  Why didn’t I have that tool before?  Because you didn’t.  You did the best you could.  It’s okay.

Soul acceptance is important.  My soul knows exactly what it is doing, I need to acknowledge that and love me.  And continue to seek the best.  On a daily basis.  Reflecting yesterday, I wrote these words: “Smile when I think of me.  I smile when I think of someone who gives me pleasure.  I need to smile at the thought of me.” 


The Warbler’s Morning Song

I waken to the birds

I cannot see

only hear their song.

Faithfully they rise

every morning to greet

and announce a new day.

Who am I to question them

Who am I to say–

Life is a drudge,

oh no, it’s not

just listen

this is their way

as decided by a Creator.

Listen to their song

Faith and Hope springs

with the rising of the sun.

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The Entrance into Spring

“Spring! Spring! Spring!”  sang the frog.

“Spring!” said the groundhog.

“Spring, Spring, Spring!” sang the robin.

It was Spring.

The leaves burst out.

The flowers burst out.

And robins burst out of their eggs.

It was Spring

Home For A Bunny

by Margaret Wise Brown,

A Little Golden Book

I am reminded of this book as the weather gets warmer, spring is only a week away….the snow is starting to melt, there is a little bit of power behind that sunshine!

My journey today has taken me into reading of Kokopelli, the Native American flute player.  Kokopelli, among his other talents, plays his flute to usher winter into spring.  Appropriate.


(no, they’re not here yet, this is a photo I have on file, but I’ll let you know when they surface!)

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Following the Song

Okay, this was my walk on Easter Sunday. Can’t see the birds, but I CAN hear them. I hear a soft meow. I’m assuming it’s a type of bird. I would LOVE feedback on these, bird experts! (It’s not the best video, but I’m focusing on the sound here, oh, turn up your speakers…)

And, by the way, those that like to laugh…the last story? I realized the following day while playing a computer game that the birds were singing in the GAME, not outside the window…how’s THAT for being fooled? Good sound quality on the iPhone, I can say that!

Little Sounds that Speak to Me

I’m sitting here, mesmerized by the Northern Cardinal’s song this morning.  As usual, I cannot see them, but I sure can hear and listen to their song.  They have become my meditation.  I identify by going to  Sometimes I open the window to hear them better.  Then, when I have identified, I try to write it down (hard to write down a sound though).  Sometimes the bird hears it and answers, which cracks me up!